Enterprise IT surveillance and analytics

Make the smart decision to simplify medication management across your enterprise
BD infusion and dispensing technologies generate data to help improve decision making, efficiency and cost. The BD HealthSight? platform for enterprise medication management provides a simple means to capture, consolidate and analyze information from our technologies while standardizing system management to drive continuous improvement. The platform integrates our technologies with HIT systems, providing a common source of data, reporting capabilities and trend monitoring surveillance.

BD MedMined? earns MU3 certification

BD MedMined? Surveillance Advisor has earned Meaningful Use Stage 3 (MU3) certification validating its ability to collect and properly report data around antimicrobial use and resistance data by facilities enrolled in NHSN.

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BD Care Coordination Engine

BD CCE integrates our technologies and HIT systems, providing a single platform supporting a hospital or multiple facilities within an IDN.

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BD HealthSight?

Our combination of connective technologies, analytics and expert services close gaps and create seamless visibility across BD medication management solutions.

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Infection prevention surveillance

MedMined? Surveillance Advisor can help you identify and report HAIs and use customized alerts and reports to facilitate timely patient intervention.

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Integrated analytics solutions

Our integrated analytics solutions innovatively integrate our devices while delivering analytics to help you streamline processes, optimize systems and reduce costs.

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