Laparoscopic instruments

Get your hands on our laparoscopic surgery instruments

Our V. Mueller? laparoscopic instruments are available in single-piece and modular styles. Snowden-Pencer? laparoscopic instruments feature a variety of ergonomic and traditional handle types and jaw patterns. We also offer accessories for laparoscopic surgery and a full line of MicroLap instruments.


Snowden-Pencer? ergonomic laparoscopic instruments

Our laparoscopic surgery instruments are ergonomically designed with surgeon-researched enhancements to make them comfortable and easy to use.


Traditional laparoscopic Snowden-Pencer? instruments

We offer a large selection of Snowden-Pencer traditional laparoscopic instruments, including articulating graspers and retractors.


V. Mueller? laparoscopic instruments

This line includes various graspers, dissectors, scissors, needle holders and electrodes, in numerous handle, shaft and connection configurations.

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