Urine specimen collection

Safely collect, transport and process your urine specimens

BD Vacutainer? urine collection products include a closed system that benefits healthcare workers by reducing their need to come into contact with potentially hazardous specimens. The system is designed to provide safety and satisfaction, as well as reliable results to ensure proper patient outcomes.

How BD helps

BD Vacutainer? urine collection products can help you improve sample quality and reduce exposure risks.


BD Vacutainer? collection and transfer products

BD Vacutainer? collection and transfer products provide an evacuated closed system that ensures a proper urine-to-preservative ratio.


BD Vacutainer? microbiology products

BD Vacutainer? microbiology products contain a buffered boric acid formula that maintains urine for up to 48 hours at room temperature.


BD Vacutainer? urinalysis products

BD Vacutainer urinalysis products ensure specimen quality for up to 72 hours without refrigeration.

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