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Antimicrobial stewardship

MedMined ? services help expand and foster an integrated antimicrobial stewardship program for pharmacists, physicians and infection...

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BD Knowledge Portal for BD Pyxis ? Supply...

BD Knowledge Portal for BD Pyxis ? Supply Technologies helps optimize supply chain performance through key insights to drive inventory...

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Clinical monitoring and notification

Customized alerts identify priority patients based on medication and laboratory results.

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Data mining surveillance

MedMined? Surveillance Advisor features a patented algorithm proven to support the early detection of emerging pathogens.

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Knowledge Portal for infusion technologies

Knowledge Portal for infusion technologies is an intuitive web-based application that translates BD Alaris ? System data—including...

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MedMined solutions include technologies for infection prevention surveillance and medication stewardship surveillance.

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Pathogen monitoring

Alerts and reports identify and monitor changes in resistance.

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Pharmacy intervention and documentation

MedMined ? Surveillance Advisor helps you streamline communication and documentation, and demonstrate cost savings of clinical...

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Quality process and outcome monitoring

MedMined? provides hospital-wide e-surveillance to monitor patient outcomes and identify process breakdowns.

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