Sharps and waste collectors

BD offers sharps and waste collectors enabling disposal in the four medical settings of sharps, nonhazardous pharmaceutical, trace chemotherapy and hazardous Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) waste. We strive to use as much recycled content as possible, while maintaining the products you know and trust. In line with our long-term goals, our standard sharps collectors may contain recycled material.


Chemotherapy collectors

Our yellow chemotherapy collectors help safely dispose of trace liquid and solid chemotherapy sharps waste.


Patient room collectors

BD patient room collectors are available in the BD Recykleen? brand and the BD standard brand, in a variety of sizes and colors. All BD patient room collectors feature visible fill-level indicators and handles for safe transportation.


Pharmaceutical collectors

Our white pharmaceutical collectors support the disposal of nonhazardous pharmaceutical sharps waste.


RCRA collectors

These non-DOT collectors are made from a minimum of 70% recycled material and are available with a liquid-absorbent material preattached to the inside bottom of the collector.


Sharps collectors

These standard, red infectious waste sharps collectors come in a variety of lid designs and sizes.

BD-1909 (06/17)

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