BD Recykleen? sharps collectors and accessories

The BD Recykleen? brand was developed to help us and our customers become better environmental stewards. This sharps collector line is made with a variety of recycled materials, different types of lids with visual, audible, tactile (VAT) perimeter locks, a temporary closure, handles and clear tops to enable the visualization of fill levels. It also includes cabinets, brackets and trolleys.

Patient room collectors

BD patient room collectors are available in the BD Recykleen brand and the BD standard brand, in a variety of sizes and colors. All BD patient room collectors feature visible fill-level indicators and handles for safe transportation.

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RCRA collectors

These non-DOT collectors are made from a minimum of 70% recycled material and are available with a liquid-absorbent material preattached to the inside bottom of the collector.

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BD Recykleen cabinets

This line of cabinets is made with 100% recycled plastic and is available in two colors: green and brown. It replaces cabinet products made from virgin plastic.

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BD Recykleen trolleys

This line of trolleys is made with a minimum of 25% recycled material, replacing trolleys made from virgin plastic while facilitating the stability and mobility of large collectors. The line comes in basic and foot-operated versions, for use with 9-gal, 17-gal and 19-gal collectors.

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Environmental stewardship

BD Recykleen products are made from postindustrial and postconsumer recycled materials.

High quality and less environmental impact

BD Recykleen products are made to suit your clinical needs and the environment.

Practical considerations

BD Recykleen products adhere to the same stringent performance requirements for recycled resin as those for virgin plastic.

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