Medication and supply management software

Gain knowledge through dispensing software

Our medication and supply management software solutions include CareFusion Knowledge Portal, which helps turn data into actionable information to help you optimize devices and standardize processes.


BD HealthSight? Diversion Management

BD HealthSight? Diversion Management is a hosted application that assists opioid drug diversion investigations by creating an investigation workflow with access to analytics and anomalies powered by machine learning.


BD HealthSight? Viewer

BD HealthSight Viewer is an integrated web-based pharmacy operations dashboard that combines critical data from BD Pyxis? dispensing and BD Alaris? infusion systems into a single view.


BD Knowledge Portal for BD Pyxis? Medication Technologies

BD Knowledge Portal integrates data across BD Pyxis? products and enables analytics to track all medications from order to delivery.


BD Knowledge Portal for BD Pyxis? Supply Technologies

BD Knowledge Portal for BD Pyxis? Supply Technologies helps optimize supply chain performance through key insights to drive inventory management improvement.


BD Pyxis? Connect

BD Pyxis? Connect helps, in conjunction with CPOE, reduce medication errors due to transcription errors. It can be used virtually anywhere for decentralized order entry.


BD Pyxis? Logistics* inventory management software

This software connects with HIT systems to help you more accurately track drugs, simplify workflow and improve productivity across the enterprise.

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