BD Kiestra WCA
BD Kiestra WCA
BD Kiestra WCA

BD Kiestra? WCA system

Optimize your microbiology workflow

The BD Kiestra? WCA system is a modular solution designed for labs of all sizes that enables automated specimen processing, plate incubation and digital imaging in a compact footprint.

Intelligent incubation

The BD Kiestra WCA system can be configured with up to three BD Kiestra ReadA Compact intelligent incubation and imaging systems, which combine automatic dynamic digital imaging and individual plate storage within a small footprint. The BD Kiestra ReadA Compact uses an industrial camera and three different LED light sources.


The BD Kiestra WCA system enables users to work from multiple locations, allowing flexibility to create an optimal workflow and quick response time.

Digital imaging

The BD Kiestra ReadA browser software application provides an easy-to-use and clear plate image overview per specimen so that the growth dynamics can be reviewed. Users can choose a specimen- or patient-driven overview.

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