Jamshidi? bone marrow biopsy needles

Meet the first name in bone marrow biopsy—for more than 40 years

Our Jamshidi? bone marrow biopsy needles include our T-handle Jamshidi needles, original Jamshidi needles and Illinois needles. We also offer physicians and patients helpful information about bone marrow biopsies.

Patient information

Learn about our Jamshidi bone marrow biopsy needles for patients.

Physician information

Our resources support physicians for bone marrow biopsy procedures.


Bone marrow biopsy trays

Our bone marrow trays contain components you need to efficiently perform bone marrow biopsies.


Illinois sternal/iliac bone marrow aspiration needles

These feature a sharp lancet point to penetrate the bone, helping ensure safe and simple marrow aspiration from the iliac crest or sternum.


Original Jamshidi? bone marrow biopsy aspiration needles

The original Jamshidi needle is available in a wide variety of sizes and tray configurations to meet your preferences.


T-handle Jamshidi? bone marrow biopsy aspiration needle

The ergonomic design and super-sharp tip facilitate comfort and cortical penetration. The needle is available with or without a marrow acquisition cradle.


Potential complications associated with aspiration and core biopsy procedures are site specific. They include but are not limited to infection, pain, bleeding, hematoma, non-target tissue, adjacent tissue injury, and organ or vessel perforation.

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