Needle-free connectors

Reduce the risk of IV-related infections like CLABSIs with the BD portfolio of five needle-free connectors

Our range of five needle-free connectors demonstrates effectiveness and safety at every point—with patented innovations and design features aligned with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC).


BD MaxPlus? needle-free connector

The BD MaxPlus connector is the only needle-free connector with an FDA-cleared label statement demonstrating a reduction in CLABSI.


BD MaxZero? needle-free connector

The BD MaxZero connector is a needle-free connector with the clinically proven technology of the BD MaxPlus? connector, now in a smaller size suited for NICU, PICU and other care settings.


NeutraClear? needle-free connector

The NeutraClear? needle-free connector improves on the classic center post design with a sealing ring that helps reduce microbial ingress.


BD Q-Syte? needle-free connector

The BD Q-Syte connector is a high-flow connector that aligns with CDC and INICC design preferences to reduce infections.


SmartSite? needle-free connector

The SmartSite connector is designed to improve nursing efficiency and lower overall costs by integrating with your existing Alaris? Pump module and gravity administration sets.

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