Infusion system interoperability

Connect your infusion solutions to promote safer care

Infusion interoperability prepopulates infusion order parameters from the electronic health record (EHR) to infusion modules. It then returns status information for documentation and surveillance. It also supports BD Alaris? infusion device inventory management and utilization.


BD Alaris? Asset Management

BD Alaris Asset Management leverages your existing Wi-Fi network to help you optimize BD Alaris? device utilization.


BD Alaris? EMR interoperability

BD Alaris EMR interoperability addresses infusion errors as the most potentially harmful medication errors1 while streamlining other processes.


BD Care Coordination Engine

BD CCE integrates our technologies and HIT systems, providing a single platform supporting a hospital or multiple facilities within an IDN.

  1. Williams, C., Maddox, R., Heape, E. et al. Application of the IV medication harm index to assess the nature of harm averted by "smart" infusion safety systems. J Patient Saf, 2006, 2:132–139.

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