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ChloraPrep applicators

Our ChloraPrep applicator lets you easily apply our unique formulation for skin preparation, available in 1mL, 3mL, 10.5 mL, and 26 mL...

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Our ChloraPrep brand includes products containing ChloraPrep patient preoperative skin preparation.

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ChloraPrep? swabstick

This swabstick prepares patient skin for surgery—just tear open the pouch, twist and remove the swabstick, and apply the foam tip to...

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ClipVac? presurgical hair removal system

Our ClipVac presurgical hair removal system helps remove an average of 98.5% of hair without requiring added cleanup.

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Prevail? one-step iodine-based preps

Prevail iodine-based solution simplifies preoperative skin preps with an easy-to-use applicator that promotes excellent flow control.

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StartClean patient cleansing program

Our StartClean cleansing program can help patients comply with cleansing instructions. It comes in a kit with three sponges and access...

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Surgical Clippers

Our Surgical Clippers quickly remove hair in a single pass while reducing risk of compromised skin.

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