Infection prevention

Address infection. Take control.

Our infection control and prevention products take a systematic and targeted approach to addressing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Also providing surveillance and continuing education, we can help you reduce the risk of infection to reduce cost and improve patient care.


Preprocedure hair removal

Our Surgical Clippers clip hair quickly and the ClipVac? system removes the hair as you clip, eliminating the need for extra clean-up.


Skin preparation

ChloraPrep? patient preoperative skin preparation helps reduce bacteria on the skin that can cause infection.


StartClean patient cleansing program

Our StartClean cleansing program can help patients comply with cleansing instructions. It comes in a kit with three sponges and access to an online patient reminder system.


Surgical hand scrubs

Our waterless and water-aided surgical hand scrubs provide alcohol-based antiseptics for cleaning hands before surgery.


Trays, brushes and bulk solutions

Our skin prep trays are offered in a variety of configurations, bulk PVP-I and CHG solutions, scrub brushes and a fast-acting gel.


Browse all infection prevention products

You can view all of our infection prevention products, and search by different selections and criteria.

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