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BD CytoRich? fixatives

BD CytoRich non-gyn fixatives provide standardized yet flexible solutions for all of your non-gyn cytology needs.

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BD DataLink middleware

BD DataLink middleware connects BD Totalys? instruments to laboratory information systems.

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BD FocalPoint? GS imaging system

Screening BD SurePath? Pap test slides with the BD FocalPoint? GS imaging system increases accuracy and efficiency.

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BD PrepMate? automated accessory

The BD PrepMate ? automated accessory automates part of the cell enrichment process, allowing the BD SurePath ? test to be implemented...

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BD SlidePrinter glass slide printer

The BD SlidePrinter glass slide printer automatically prints any information you choose from your LIS directly to glass slides.

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BD SurePath?

Our BD SurePath brand defines a liquid-based Pap test that improves disease detection.

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BD SurePath? liquid-based Pap test

The BD SurePath liquid-based Pap Test is the liquid-based cytology test from BD. Offering proprietary features and benefits, the test...

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BD Totalys? MultiProcessor

The BD Totalys ? MultiProcessor fully automates the cell enrichment process for greater lab efficiency and provides optional aliquots...

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BD Totalys? SlidePrep

The BD Totaly?s SlidePrep prepares and stains gynecological and nongynecological slides.

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