Cervical cancer screening

Screen for cervical cancer

BD Life Sciences – Women's Health and Cancer provides innovative products and complete solutions for cervical cancer screening programs. Through our cytology and molecular tests and instruments, we are committed to improving your clinical efficiency and quality of care. BD also offers solutions for your nongynecological cytology routines.


Cervical sample collection

BD enables cervical sample collection with greater HSIL+ detection through the BD SurePath? liquid-based Pap test.


Cytology instruments

BD provides a variety of instruments to automate cytology and molecular routines for labs with different throughput needs.


Non-gyn cytology

BD non-gyn cytology products provide standardized yet flexible solutions for all your nongynecologic cytology needs.


Browse all cervical cancer screening products

You can view all of our cervical cancer screening products, and search by different selections and criteria.

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