Make small incisions that go over big

Enhance laparoscopic performance

About Snowden-Pencer

Our Snowden-Pencer laparoscopic instruments are among the most advanced surgical instruments available today. Snowden-Pencer was the first company to introduce the tungsten carbide insert, and for more than 50 years, our instruments have offered exceptional performance and longevity.

These days, we continue to advance the design of laparoscopic instruments for surgeons everywhere. Our next-generation instruments leverage surgeon-researched enhancements to provide the ultimate in ergonomics, versatility and durability.

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Snowden-Pencer ergonomic ring-handle take-apart video

Our Snowden-Pencer take-apart instruments are innovative instruments for minimally invasive surgery. Designed to meet our customers' laparoscopic needs, they offer ergonomic comfort, functional versatility and durability for use and sterilization. You can take them apart to visually inspect surfaces while cleaning them. This video will show you more.

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